Financial Leadership for scaleups

The FS Partners Scaleup Desk is an experienced team of entrepreneurs and financial experts who have worked for growing organizations. As financial experts, we support startups on demand and peer to peer. Founders can focus on their core business tasks, while the finance and governance duties are in trustworthy hands.

We provide dedicated tools to scale and can take over the following roles:

· Sparring Partner for Founder(s)

· Financial Expert

· Project Manager

· CFO on Demand

· Board Secretary

· Board Member



Associate Partner


Strategic Financial Planning and Analysis
Fundraising and Transaction Advisory
Execution Frameworks
Scaling International Operations

  • Scaleup CFO/COO for 7+ years
  • Raised CHF 40+ million from VC, CVC, and Angels
    • Series A,B,C | Venture Debt | Bank Loans | Grants
  • Executed a trade sale process with a Fortune 500 company in collaboration with a Silicon Valley investment boutique
  • Experienced in company building scaling organizations, particularly in international settings
  • Identification and implementation of strategic and commercial improvements to drive shareholder value
  • Implemented multiple KPI / OKR frameworks including reporting dashboards and BI tool implementation
  • Supported several scaleups
    • SaaS | Clinical Research IT SaaS | Healthcare IT and Data


Senior Partner


Special Situations
Board Management
Financial Storytelling

  • Entrepreneur for 12+ years
  • Experienced both as founder (CEO / CFO) and investor
  • Conducted due diligence for 20 years · Raised CHF 10+ million
    • Pre-Seed | Seed | Series A | Bridge Funding
  • Negotiated exits
    • International merger | Trade sale | Soft landing (asset sale)
  • Supported 12 scaleups
    • Fin Tech | SaaS | E-Commerce | Data as a Service | Food Tech
  • Board member for 10+ years


Associate Partner


Financial Operations & Strategy
Accounting & Consolidation Expert
Internal Controls Expert
Liquidity Management & Budget

  • Entrepreneur for 5+ years
  • Experienced both as founder (CEO / CFO) and investor
  • Managed several fundraisings with 700 shareholders (above CHF 4.6 million)
  • Implementation of new acquired company
  • Restructuring with a saving of 30% monthly fixed costs
  • Developing and implementing cost center model, reporting and KPIs
  • Supported several scaleups
    • SaaS| E-Commerce | HR Services | IT Services | Financial Service provider | Trading Company
  • Board member for 2+ years


Associate Partner


BI & Data Analytics
System Integrations
Master Data Solutions
CTO & CIO Consulting

  • Entrepreneur for 2+ years
  • Experienced both as founder (CEO / CFO) and investor
  • Business Intelligence Program Manager
  • SAP TM Implementation Responsible for Europe
  • Senior IT Project Manager / Deputy OPS Director
  • SAFe® certified Product Owner / Product Manager
  • 12 end-to-end ERP Implementations
  • Hands-on Software Development Skills
  • Supported 4 scaleups
    • Health tech | Social Marketing | Consulting | Marketing Gamification
  • Board member for 4+ years


Associate Partner


Fundraising & Grants
Accounting & Audit Expert
Board Management
Founders coaching

  • Entrepreneur for 8+ years
  • Experienced both as founder (CEO / CFO) and as auditor
  • Mentoring for founders
  • Raised CHF 75+ million (convertible & equity)
    • Grants | Series A, B and C
  • Supported several scaleups in different industries
    • AI | Big Data | E-Commerce | EdTech | ICT | FinTech | HealthTech | SaaS| Virtual Reality | Retail
  • Managed his own rising startup uniqFEED through all different startup company life stages, incl. successful transition fading out as CEO & Founder
  • Board room experience for 14+ years




Mergers & Acquisitions
Accounting & Controlling Expert
Financial Storytelling

  • 10+ years’ experience as accountant, controller and corporate finance manager
  • Project lead in 10+ buyside M&A deals with experience in due diligence, development of business cases & financial models, company valuation, deal structuring & contract negotiations and post-merger integration
  • 3+ years lead of a scaleup programme including consulting and providing investment documentations to credit boards at banks for startup investments
  • Supported 20+ scaleups in business strategy, financial storytelling, fundraising, and implementing dashboards
    • Digital marketplaces | SaaS | E-commerce | Trading companies | HealthTech | HighTech



  • 10+ years’ experience as Managing Director & European Board Member, Head of Marketing, Head of IT, Head of E-Business, Head of Telesales, Head of Sales Operations and Assistant to Group Chief Information Officer
  • Expert in Organization & Corporate Strategy, Digital Business & Strategies, Communication, Sales Management & Organization and Application Product Management
  • 4+ years of international professional experience in marketing, sales and IT in leading positions
  • Fluent in English, French, German and Spanish
  • Expert for diverse ERP, BI & Data and MDM Systems
    • SAP | SAP BW | QuilkSense | MS Power BI | Tableau | STEP by STIBO Systems


Why you should book a call
As a founder you operate in unchartered territories and cater to different stakeholders amid changing circumstances. Be ready!
  • Implement tools tracking financial and operating metrics to orient yourself (Scaleup ready)
  • Grow confidence in your decisions (Pitch ready)
  • From telling your story to shaping your reality (Practice ready)

Why we take your call

We are entrepreneurs who love to help and believe in using data to support intuitive decision making, even in unchartered territories.

  • We are curious and ask questions.
  • We excel at creating solutions.
  • We are tenacious and get things done.


As curious individuals we keep asking questions. We believe in iterative ideation processes and taking on different perspectives not falling for the “obvious solution trap”. Seeing through the jargon of experts we are careful to translate it for you. We can manage different stakeholders and mediate between them as we are aware of the varying interests.

We have been in your shoes and can leverage our own experience as entrepreneurs. Benefit from our learning curve by picking our brain or “stealing” pages from our playbook to deal with growth challenges. As a team, our sample size is materially greater than that of a single individual. We can provide you with plausible benchmarks to validate your scaleup recipe.

We understand that it’s your show and don’t “cheat” or take short cuts. Of course, we have templates and preferred modus operandi. But we map your reality and help you navigating it finding your own answers.

Own your financial story, innovate and be creative – but don’t re-invent the wheel regarding operations. We take care of operational improvements with and for you. We size up your operations so you can grow into them removing growth constraints. We walk the walk and don’t just talk (or send you slides) but provide relief by taking care of operational tasks and implement processes as project managers.


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