Unfilled vacancies, absences in central positions, bottlenecks in the finance department: We handle it for you – as part of your team on an interim basis.

Our team can fill the following positions for a specified period of time:

  • Group CFO
  • Legal Entity CFO
  • Head Group Controlling
  • Segment or Business Unit Controller
  • Operations Controller
  • Financial Controller
  • Regional Controller
  • Head of Accounting
  • Head of Bookkeeping
  • Head of Operational Accounting
  • Consolidations and Reporting Manager
  • Corporate Treasurer

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FLEXIBLe & Simple

Non-recurring large projects, unusual challenges, innovation requirements: We take on clearly defined projects in finance.
Possible projects that we can handle for you:
  • Introduction of ERP and consolidation systems
  • Setting up management information systems
  • Introduction of internal control systems
  • Introduction of planning and reporting periods
  • Setting up budget processes or mid-term planning
  • Introduction of «rolling forecast» concepts
  • Establishment of shared services
  • Introduction of business warehouse solutions
  • Financial guidance for relocation projects
  • Optimization projects such as net working capital, restructuring, etc.
  • Preparation for an IPO
  • Forensic Services

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Experienced & UP-TO-DATE

Developing financial management tools, growth strategies, debt financing: We assist start-up companies with tailor-made, peer-to-peer support from entrepreneur to entrepreneur with all the necessary financial competencies.

Our Services:
  • Assumption of all the activities of a CFO until the size of the company allows this position to be filled by the company itself
  • Strategic sparring partner for all finance questions
  • Delivery of training sessions for the founding team
  • Supervision of the whole accounting department
  • Networking with investors and banks
  • Competent support in the search for investors
  • Assistance with digital transformation
  • Project-related and interim support in daily business

CFO on Demand is the core offering of the Scaleup Desk catering to the needs of our startup and scaleup clients. 

If you would like to know more about our Scaleup Desk, please check our dedicated website: here.

If you would like to know more about our Scaleup Desk, please check our dedicated website: here.

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Business automation, Industry 2.0, Blockchain applications in finance: 
We guide companies into the digital future as competence leaders.
With proven in-house expertise and in collaboration with recognized network partners who set standards in their field, we leverage the potential of digital transformation for you in all relevant CFO topics:
  • Implementation of Microsoft Power BI for maximum up to date and device-independent data transparency
  • Introduction of blockchain solutions for simpler, faster and more secure order processing and financial transactions
  • Introduction of efficient and error-proof robot-controlled automation processes
  • Creating better conditions for corporate management through predicted forecasting

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Understanding and leveraging digitization

Since we know that it is difficult for financial decision-makers in manufacturing companies to keep up with the digitization trends in addition to their everyday responsibilities, we have created the Digital Executive Forum. As an annual fixture on your agenda, this one-day seminar with presentations, panel discussions and small-group workshops will bring you up to speed on what is possible and what makes sense for your business.
All details about the Digital Executive Forum and how to register are available here.