How to take tough decisions

Trust your gut or build a multi-year model 🚫😨 Longer-term and high-level models may not provide the clarity needed for individual decisions. These models are often focused on broader strategies and may not easily translate into specific actions for daily choices. Or as John Lennon once said, “Life is what happens to you while you are […]

Growing into Bankruptcy

“Growing into Bankruptcy” ⚡️ Beware of the “Cash Illusion” and deferred revenue liabilities. As we dive headfirst into the new year, let’s change things up a bit, shall we? Every now and then, we’re spilling the beans on a particular mishap rather than just celebrating another success story. So, picture this: your “As a Service” […]

Capital requirements

How do I recognize my real capital requirements at all times?And which methods can I use? In addition to operational liquidity planning, it is essential to prepare strategic liquidity planning based on a longer-term monthly basis with an integrated balance sheet and cash-flow statement.   Because: You need to keep an eye on the development […]

I don’t need a financial model. Do I?

Startups, buckle up! Financial models aren’t just spreadsheets; they’re your secret weapon for navigating the turbulent seas of entrepreneurship. Here’s why: 🗺️ Roadmap to Growth: Financial models provide a clear roadmap, helping you chart your journey to scale. It’s your GPS in the unpredictable startup landscape, guiding you through allocating cash and liquidity management. 🪄 […]

Financial models

Superstar financial model: Draw a “map” to find your way! 💼 In the world of entrepreneurship, there is an indispensable tool that is often misunderstood as dry and boring: the financial model. Yet, what is the true value of such a model, and how can it help your venture succeed? In this blog post, you’ll […]