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As the largest independent partnership-based consulting boutique for manufacturing companies headquartered in Switzerland, we have specialized in readying our clients’ financial processes for current challenges and future success, both here and in their global subsidiaries, since 2009.  

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No matter if you are a Swiss company already represented internationally with production facilities and sales offices or if you are planning to go that route, we will accompany you with the usual FS Partners competencies from here or on site with our partner companies. 

Our services:

  • Evaluation of the setup of international business activities based on business plan, location analysis, assessment of as well as consultation for investment options and establishment of local business structures
  • Analysis, strategy adjustment, catalogue of measures and their implementation if local business goals are not achieved
  • Financial services such as transfer pricing, credit limit negotiations, setting up bank draft management, tax consulting and setting up legal structures
  • Interim management in case of bottlenecks and absences

Our international network:


The partner system of FS Partners is based on the committed core team of financial specialists shown here, who use their synergies in the areas of knowledge transfer, networking and business development. In addition, we have a pool of experts with over 50 hand-picked and highly competent individuals who have gone through a sophisticated onboarding process and who we deploy for suitable tasks. Our size allows us to quickly and flexibly find the right person for your specific task.
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Simon Frei

Managing Partner


As an entrepreneur, family man with international experience and three energetic teenage boys, winter sportsman and summer bon vivant, Simon knows how to keep all of life’s balls in the air.

  • Executive MBA Rochester-Bern
  • Bachelor in Business Administration
  • CAS Blockchain Economy HWZ
  • Digital CFO IFZ
  • Board Academy ZHAW
  • Controller Akademie Deyhle
  • Several Controlling and CFO positions in international Swiss companies
  • 5 years operational activity in China
Werner Schiesser

Managing Partner


There is hardly anyone who has seen as much of the financial world as Werner. Whether small or large company, NPO or public sector, he knows them all. And anyone who does it as groundedly as he does, may also confidently enjoy his free time in nature and playing the alphorn.

  • lic.iur. HSG
  • Certified Public Accountant (CPA)
  • Certified Fraud Examiner
  • 30 years of experience as a CPA and fraud examiner, 10 years of experience as a CEO in the service and consulting industry
  • Various board mandates
Markus Ziegler

Managing Partner


Calm and power – and both in due time. Just as Markus relaxes at home in his idyllic house in the picturesque Appenzell to jump straight back into action when needed, he first listens attentively and then purposefully does the right thing.

  • Bachelor degree in Economics
  • CAS in KMU Management
  • CAS Blockchain Economy HWZ
  • Several Audit, Controlling and CFO positions in international Swiss companies
  • 2 years operational activity in Middle Asia
Roland Kleeb

Managing Partner


When Roland muses about his travels to other countries and cultures in the garden of his old house in France, his liberal view of things is confirmed, that only those who think laterally can really get ahead. This is something that not only we appreciate, but also our customers.

  • NDS Executive Master in Corporate Finance
  • Bachelor degree in economics
  • Licensed fiduciary expert
  • Several Controlling and CFO positions in international Swiss companies

Senior Partner


Stephan knows: Learning from history is a head start for the future. That’s why he expands his horizons not only with his mountain activities in Appenzell and Toggenburg, but also by reading historical and political literature.

  • Master degree in law (lic. iur. HSG)
  • Master degree in economics (lic. oec. HSG)
  • Controller Academy Deyhle
  • Several Controlling and CFO positions in international Swiss companies
Peter Schneider

Senior Partner


Today he is here, tomorrow there. But always fully present. Hardly anyone packs his bags as often and travels as much, both privately and professionally, as Peter. In the process, he soaks up everything and comes up with solutions that are readily accepted, and not just because of his winning smile.

  • Bachelor degree in economics
  • Certified Public Accountant (Swiss CPA)
  • Certified Expert in IFRS Accounting
    Several Audit, CFO and Management positions in international Swiss companies
Christian Holderegger



The mischievous smile is no accident. Anyone who has seen as much of the world as Christian and yet found his dream home in beautiful Central Switzerland knows that the closest solution is often the best.

  • Bachelor degree in Business Administration
  • Controller Academy Deyhle
  • Group internal international leadership trainings
  • Several Management positions as Head of Finance & Controlling and CFO with international Swiss and foreign groups
  • 2 years of operational experience in Asia
Horst Egeler



His hobby couldn’t be a better match for Horst, because that’s exactly how he is on the job as well. He is a down-to-earth guy who sets himself clear goals and wants to discover new things when he sets off on his racing bike to ride all the accessible Alpine passes.

  • University of Karlsruhe (KIT) Master Degree in business engineering
  • Several Management positions as CFO and Head Finance & Controlling in international companies in Switzerland and Liechtenstein
Christian Egner



As a Munich native, he naturally combines the qualities of unshakable calm and healthy tenacity, which he enriched with French lightness while in the language region. Or as his clients like to say: «Chapeau, Christian!»

  • Higher professional diploma in banking (D)
  • Group-internal Leadership Training
  • Positions in Audit, Controlling and as a CFO in international Swiss industrial groups
  • Long-standing experience in French-speaking countries (France, North Africa)
Daniel Bulgheroni



As a board member of a retirement, nursing and residential centre and a breeder of aquarium fish, Daniel combines responsibility and quality in a relaxed manner, just as he does with his mandates. An upbeat relaxation that he gets from his weekly dance evenings with his wife.

  • Certified expert in Accounting and Controlling
  • SKU Advanced Management Program
  • MAS in Corporate Finance
  • Several Controlling and CFO positions in international Swiss companies
Markus Staub



Markus draws his strength from the mountains and lakes in Central Switzerland. They ground him, sharpen his focus, keep him calm and energised, and make him a persevering and goal-oriented partner not only in sports. Solid as a rock, unflappable even on international parquet.

  • Executive MBA University Zurich
  • Bachelor degree in Business Administration
  • Several CFO and Management positions mainly in international Swiss industrial groups
René Lirgg



If you, like René, don’t take yourself too seriously, you don’t rely on quick fixes. Instead, you focus on solutions that are a good all-round fit. And he succeeds admirably, combining Swiss thoroughness, German precision with a dash of Italianità and sportsmanship.

  • Executive MBA FH Lucerne
  • Bachelor in Business Administration
  • Swiss Certified Controller SIB
  • Various CFO and Management positions with international and Swiss companies
  • Several years of operational activities in Brazil, USA and China



Just as much as Erich likes to come home to the Rhine Valley, the sporty cosmopolitan likes to go on voyages of exploration: intellectually, personally, culinary and, of course, professionally, where he never gives up before the best solution is on the table.

  • Bachelor degree in Economics
  • Certified public accountant
  • CAS EVU Manager St. Gallen
  • Expert Swiss GAAP FER
  • Several Audit, Controlling and CFO positions in international Swiss companies
  • Several years of operational activity in UK, France and Spain
Volker Nothacker

Business Development


As a person who enjoys movement, Volker likes to ensure that things are in a state of flux and that there is room for development. This applies to the people around him, his positive attitude, being with his family and also to his projects.

  • Many years of experience as Auditor and Board Member of a German bank
  • Many years of experience as Consultant and Interim Manager (internationally)
  • Business Unit responsibility for the scale up of an Interim Executive practise
  • Coaching & Mediation

At FS Partners, responsible for:

  • Support and build up of pool of experts
  • Coaching and support of Mandates
  • Sales and Marketing
Christian Nauer



Not many can claim to be a trained French horn player like Christian. Which only proves that as a musician, handball referee in the national squad, cooking family man and financial specialist, he competently finishes what he begins.

  • M.A. in Finance and Capital Markets
  • CFA Charterholder
  • Startup Board Academy
  • Serial Entrepreneur (12+ years) as a member of the management team / board of directors of several scale-ups
  • Offers support in scaling, fundraising, restructuring and digital transformation
  • 2.5 years working abroad (New York)
Ingo Schmuckli

Senior Consultant


Ingo is the only one who also knows how to build what our customers build. After all, as an engineer and industrial designer, he is just as creative as he is structured. That’s why he is also the only one person, who, in order to be closer to everything, will drive his camper van to your work.

  • MAS Design Engineering / Innovation
  • Executive MBA ZHW
  • MSc ETH
Jürgen Bugmann

Senior Consultant


When Jürgen plays guitar with his friends, he draws inspiration from international influences, looks for creative paths and at the same time goes deep into the analysis of how a harmony becomes even more rounded. Just like in his tasks as a finance professional.

  • Bachelor Degree in Business
  • MBA Macquarie University
  • CPIN FH St. Gallen
  • Various consulting mandates for start-up and mid-sized companies in Switzerland, Chile and Australia
Nuo Hasenfratz

Associate Partner


The financial specialist, who lives in Shanghai, loves Switzerland. As a vacation destination, the mentality and she is even married to a Swiss. A stroke of luck. Or in other words: Nuo is the fiver, the «Weggli» (bread bun) and the Dim Sum for our customers and us.”

  • MBA US Webster & Shanghai University of Finance and Economics
  • Diploma in International Trade
  • Vice General Manager, Head of Finance & Administration und Head of HR in companies of the textile machinery industry, medical industry, automotive industry and food industry
  • Fluent in Chinese, English and German
Sandro Weber

Associate Partner


As a global citizen always keen to explore new parts of this world, Sandro travels to wherever our clients need him, easily adapting to local cultures while delivering Swiss quality.

  • Bachelor in Business Administration
  • Several CFO and Management positions in international Swiss companies
  • 7 years operational activity in South Africa
  • 2 years operational activity in Brazil
  • Mentor for young founders and judge in cohorts of startups
Frank Stotzem

Associate Partner


As a Leader, with over 24 years of international finance experience, Frank likes gardening and biking, where finds his balance, to the fast-paced Chinese working environment.

  • MBA Rutgers University
  • Controller Akademie Deyhle
  • Several Controlling positions in German MNC
  • 18 years international operational activities in China and USA
Roland Bendel

Associate Partner


A Swiss living in New York City, Roland has been married to an American for two decades and therefore understands the national business practices and is very familiar with American culture. He is especially fond of their two precious cats, plus he enjoys travelling, tether car racing and jogging.

  • Master’s degree in Business Economics/Finance
  • Multiple executive courses in Finance and Leadership (e.g. US-GAAP)
  • Diploma in Precision Machining & Manufacturing from Switzerland
  • Various CFO positions in international technology companies headquartered in Switzerland or Germany
  • Core-competency in re-alignment and restructuring of under/non performing finance departments


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